FOI Processing

FOI Solutions can provide legal assistance in processing FOI/RTI requests. In addition it can provide an introduction to our affiliated non-legal consulting firm, FOI Support.

We can advise on or conduct all aspects of processing FOI/RTI requests including:

  • validity of requests 
  • deciding whether requests need to be processed (e.g. is it a substantial and unreasonable diversion request?)
  • application fees, access charges and deposits 
  • application of exemptions 
  • consulting with third parties 
  • drafting decision notices
  • handling requests for amendment of personal information 
  • review and appeal rights (see below)

For more information about the non-legal services that can be provided by FOI Support, click here.


Freedom of Information

Every Australian jurisdiction has freedom of information, right to information or equivalent laws.

FOI Solutions is pre-eminent in providing legal services about FOI/RTI matters. We have a reputation of excellence as a one-stop-shop when it comes to FOI/RTI, providing services ranging from processing and training through to conducting reviews and court appeals.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the services we provide about FOI/RTI matters.