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The following publications are available for purchase from FOI Solutions in the areas of Freedom of Information, Privacy, and Other Administrative Law Topics. To order any of these publications, please see our order form, fill in the details and follow the instructions to send it to us.

The list of available publications will continue to grow. Be sure to return to this page in the near future.

FOI Procedures Manual (Victoria)

FOI Solutions has produced a comprehensive FOI Procedures Manual which is available for purchase to any existing Victorian Government "agency" under the FOI Act. It will be customised with the name of your agency and there are no ongoing subscriptions or fees.  Any amendments to the Manual will be made available electronically and free of charge (provided you give us details of a contact to whom updates can be sent). Several hundred Victorian agencies have purchased our Manual over the last 18 years.  To order your copy or for more information, please click here. Please note that the Manual includes the 2017 amendments to the FOI Act and most recent increase in the application fee.

VCAT FOI Decision Summaries (Annual)

FOI Solutions publishes annually summaries of all VCAT freedom of information decisions.  Those publications are available for purchase.  Summaries are available for each year from the most recent edition back to 2004.  Click here for more information and an order form.

VCAT Privacy Decision Summaries (Annual)

FOI Solutions publishes annually summaries of all VCAT privacy and health records decisions.  Those publications are available for purchase. Summaries are available for each year from the most recent edition back to 2004.  Click here for more information and an order form.

VCAT FOI & Privacy Decision Summaries (Monthly)

It is timely to consider whether you have been keeping up to date with developments in FOI and privacy decisions and whether you want your knowledge of recent cases to be left behind. 

To help maintain your knowledege FOI Solutions has developed a subscription service summarising VCAT FOI and privacy decisions.  It will enable you to keep up to date on a month by month basis by having timely access to the most recent FOI and privacy decisions within days or weeks of them being made (rather than relying on our annual summary publication which is also available).  Subscriptions are available on a 24, 12 or 6 monthly basis.  Click here for more information or to subscribe.

Protected Disclosure Process Packages (NEW)

FOI Solutions has developed processes that agencies can use to become compliant with the Protected Disclosures Act 2013 requirements. Agencies must ensure that they are compliant. 

FOI Solutions can deliver processes and policies which are standard or customised.  IBAC has recently described our procedures as "a current best practice model".

For more information about the four different options available please click here.  For detailed information about pricing for the different available processes please contact us by clicking here

Free Publications

Client newsletters

A select sample of FOI Solutions client newsletters are available (click below)


2014 (Issue 5)

2014 (Issue 4)

2014 (Issue 3)

2014 (Issue 2)

2014 (Issue 1)

2013 (Issue 4)

2013 (Issue 3)

2013 (Issue 2)

2013 (Issue 1)

2012 (Issue 3)

2012 (Issue 2)

2012 (Issue 1)

2011 (Issue 1)

2010 (Issue 1)

2009 (Issue 2)

2008 (Issue 2)

2008 (Issue 1)




Fax/Email Updates

FOI Solutions regularly sends clients fax or email updates to advise of new developments in the law relating to freedom of information, privacy and other areas.  Click on the links below to see previous updates.

2014 No 1 (Council public documents)

          No 2 (Sufficiency of searches for documents)

          No 3 (Vic FOI fee)

          No 4 (New access charges)

          No 5 (FOI Act amendments)

          No 6 (New privacy legislation)

          No 7 (Business methodology exempt)

          No 8 (Warning against incorrect access charge calculations)


2013 No1 (Official document of a Minister)

          No 2 (Vic FOI Fee)

          No 3 (VCAT register search fees)


No 1 (Vic FOI fee)

No 2 ( Auditor General criticism of agencies)


No 1 (Need to particularise privacy complaints)

No 2 (Vic FOI fee)


No 1 (Change to privilege exemption)

No 2 (Vic FOI fee)

No 3 (High Court Public Interest decision)

No 4 (Invalid requests)

No 5 (New Government and FOI)


        No 1 (Interpretation of secrecy exemption)

          No 2 (Osland decision)

          No 3 (Vic FOI fee)

          No 4 (Establishing public interest ground)

No 5 (Public interest factors)

No 6 (FOI during Court proceedings)


No 1 (world at large test scrapped)

No 2 (world at large - leave to appeal)

No 3 (Vic FOI fee)

No 4 (Health information about applicant)

No 5 ("Unreasonable" disclosure of personal affairs)


No 1 (Cabinet exemption)

No 2 (Vic FOI fee)

No 3 (Vic FOI Amendment Bill)


No 1 (Adequacy of document search)

No 2 (Vic FOI Amendments)

No 3 (Vic FOI fee)

No 4 (Penalties in privacy legislation)


No 1 (Clarification of requests)

No 2 (Vic FOI fee)

No 3 (Ombudsman FOI review Vic)

No 4 (FOI Solutions website launch)

No 5 ("personal information" in privacy)


No 1 (Vic FOI fee)


No 1 (FOI terrorism amendments Vic)


No 1 (commercially sensitive docs)

No 2 (VCAT review of original decision)


No 1 (irrelevant documents reviewable?)

No 2 (Vic FOI amendments)

No 3 (no splitting of requests)

No 4 (Vic FOI amendments)

No 5 (Vic FOI amendments)

*  Beware out of date contact details.  For current contact details click here.