Mick Batskos - Executive Director
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Privacy Related Services

FOI Solutions offers the following privacy related services:

Privacy impact assessment or audit (PIA) (back to top)

FOI Solutions can assist with the assessment or audit of a project or discrete function or activity within an organisation, to identify any privacy risks involved, and recommend ways in which to mitigate those risks.

Advice on development of privacy collection notices (back to top)

FOI Solutions can assist with reviewing and developing privacy collection notices or privacy statements. For example, for use in forms (both paper and electronic), in websites, telephone information and enquiry lines, in face to face situations or in filming or photography.

Development of privacy complaint tools (back to top)

FOI Solutions can assist in the development of internal privacy complaint tools. For example, FOI Solutions has in the past developed detailed complaint handling checklists to assist privacy officers respond in a timely, fair and effective way to privacy complaints.

Privacy complaints handling (Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection, Health Services Commissioner, and VCAT) (back to top)

FOI Solutions can assist with and advise on the handling and investigation of privacy complaints at all levels:

  • Complaint to the organisation; through the development of privacy complaint tools assist an organisation with advice and advocacy.
  • Advocacy in dealing with the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection or Health Services Commissioner; for example, FOI Solutions conducted an independent investigation and report to a Victorian local council in respect of a highly sensitive issue relating to the conduct of a Councillor and has advised on conciliation discussions with the Commissioners.
  • Conducting legal proceedings; below is a list of Tribunal proceedings in privacy matters in which FOI Solutions has represented a respondent agency which have resulted in published decisions.  We have acted in numerous others where a satisfactory result was obtained. 

Beer v Melbourne Water Corporation (Unreported, VCAT, 20 April 2011) [pdf]

Carvill v Casey City Council (Unreported, VCAT, 28 October 2009) [pdf]

M v Department of Human Services [2009] VCAT 456

O'Neill v Building Commission (Unreported, VCAT, 29 December 2008) [pdf]

Reaper v QBE Workers Compensation & Victorian WorkCover Authority [2012] VCAT 1514

WL v LaTrobe University [2005] VCAT 2592

Please contact us if you need assistance or advice in dealing with privacy complaints or liaising with the Privacy Commissioner or equivalent in your jurisdiction.

Case summaries (back to top)

FOI Solutions prepares:

  • a VCAT privacy case summary service (including FOI cases) which is avaialble on a monthly subscription service.  Click here for more information.
  • a VCAT privacy case summary publication (including FOI cases) which is available on an annual basis from 2005 (including the only Victorian case from 2004).  Click here for more information.